Pacific Red Hot Chili Pepper - Beef

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Jeff’s Famous Pacific Red Hot Chili Pepper beef jerky is a limited edition really special flavor. We import the finest, most popular hot chili pepper sauce from our friends on the island of Guam and we created the ultimate hot and spicy taste sensation. The mouth-watering flavor is amazing but Guam is subject to typhoons each year that often wipe out the crops so there are times when there just is not any available. One of the first rules of manufacturing a popular product is to make sure you have an unlimited supply of everything you need, but we knew the extraordinary flavor was just too good to pass up. And so, this is a flavor you won’t find everywhere our products are sold and there are times we will run out so know that and stock up …especially before the holidays!

The sauce we infused into our recipe is made from the flavorful hot chili pepper the Donne Sali Pepper, also known in Guam as Dinanche, a highly popular chili pepper unique to the area of the Northern Mariana Islands in the Pacific. If you love hot and spicy foods with lots of flavor, we promise you that one bag will NOT be enough.